We’re reimagining an iconic wardrobe item

We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in our prototype testing program for the Bananatex® T-shirt of Tomorrow – all 100 spots have now been taken. To everyone participating, spreading the word, and interested in following our progress: a big thank you from everyone at QWSTION! Your positive feedback motivates us to keep dreaming, creating and questioning the norm.

You can’t buy the T-shirt of Tomorrow today – but now that our pilot is underway, we’re incorporating community feedback into the final product, set for release in 2024. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know how we’re tracking.


A T-shirt by a brand known for its bags? Just like bags, T-shirts are an everyday essential – though most on the market today are destined to become waste. Nearly 70% of all textiles in the fashion industry are plastic-based. Natural fibres like cotton make up a small portion, and less than 1% of all cotton is certified organic. Moreover, many T-shirt fabrics blend natural and plastic materials, meaning they’re not recyclable.

Years of questioning this norm led us to launch Bananatex® for our bags in 2018. What makes the fabric revolutionary is that it’s born with the end in mind. Unlike plastic-based textiles, Bananatex® benefits rather than damages the environment, because plants suck CO2 from the air and turn it into useful fibre.





Made from organic Bananatex®, our fully regenerative abacá banana plant-based material, the T-shirt of Tomorrow is lightweight, non-stretch , and fast-drying. In a radical departure from the industry standard, the undyed, chemical-free Bananatex® fabric is Cradle to Cradle® certified – as well as the sewing thread. When it’s time to say goodbye, give it back to nature by dropping it in the compost (or a flowerpot!) and it’ll begin to naturally decompose.





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