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QWSTION is about challenging how things are designed, made and used – to find better ways. Bags and everyday goods designed for circularity are the result, made from plants instead of plastic.

QWSTION is our answer.

Our Story

Most items made today have no end-of-life solution. Eventually, they become waste.
In 2008, we began questioning why this was the norm for how things are designed, made and used to find better ways forward. Ever since, QWSTION has been our platform for exploring, learning and creating solutions. Our bags and everyday goods made from plants instead of plastic are the result.

Oh, and we’re a B Corp

Design for Circularity

Our vision of the future is regenerative: where waste and pollution are eliminated and
replaced with a closed-loop supply chain giving rise to design products and
systems that regenerate the planet and benefit its people. We’re proud that our
Cradle to Cradle Certified®, 100% biodegradable Bananatex® fabric made
from naturally cultivated abacá fibres fully expresses this circular vision.

Full Circle

Material Development

Centring our creative process around material research since day 1 has allowed us to
continually investigate new possibilities for fabrics, construction and production. Beyond the game-changing Bananatex® fabric that our natural material developments have culminated in, every component of our bags is carefully considered and developed according to the same high standards.

Join the Textile Revolution

Made Transparent

Believing transparency is essential to trust, we love to share what, why and how we create. From our BSCI-certified production locations in Asia and the EU to inviting community critiques of of our products, from our B-Corp profile to sharing our studio process, our doors are always open. In Zürich? Stop by our Limmatstrasse flagship store to personally explore our answers.

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Form and Function

We aspire to create beautiful and long-lasting bags and everyday goods from plants instead of plastic – objects that unite responsibility with functionality and timeless aesthetics. True to our Swiss modernist heritage, we value considered products that can be worn every day in various environments. With every production run, we aim to improve quality, functionality and sustainability.

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